Short, vanity links for all your socials.

Claim a unique handle & generate simple & easy-to-remember links for your social media profiles, all with the same handle.

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hmu links

What is hmu (Hit Me Up)?

Social media links are hard to remember & share, unlike your phone number or your email.

With hmu, create simple, short, and easy-to-remember links using the same handle for all your social media profiles.


Vanity short links

Append /in, to your hmu URL to link directly to your LinkedIn profile like


Unified Dashboard

Your personal central public dashboard where users can find all your social media links. Conveniently available at

hmu in action!

png is a super convenient and accessible way of sharing all my socials with new connections. I love that it has support for so many different socials and services, and like the clean UI. It's easy to remember, free to use, and looks super professional. What's not to love?


Vikaasa R.

Software Engineer

For someone who is job hunting and constantly networking, it is always a hassle to remember your socials and share them seamlessly. is the solution I was always looking for. By using a single easy to remember link, I can share my social presence without having to worry about whether I have shared the right link or if I have made any typos.


Dan Rao.

Student @ University of Florida

The customizable URLs are fantastic! Now I can share my LinkedIn profile with just /in and my Instagram with /ig. Love it!


Abdulhussain J.

Product Designer